An Interactive & Experiential Session With Darrell

Darrell recently attended Dr. Kevin Skinner’s “Karpman Triangle Training.” It was an amazing opportunity to learn from him as well as to engage with twelve therapists learning how to use principles from the Karpman Triangle, attachment theory, addiction recovery, betrayal trauma, etc. to help their clients understand their patterns and their issues more clearly. The process is interactive and experiential as it has the participants talk and move through their typical patterns. The process helps individuals and couples discover what has been driving their destructive “drama triangles” as well as begin to see how to create a new and better pattern called “The Compassion Triangle.”

The core concepts of Karpman’s Drama Triangle are fairly easy to see in almost any conflict ranging from a couple’s first fight, all the way up to world wars. In almost any conflict, participants take on the roles of “Persecutor,” “Victim,” and “Rescuer.” Sometimes there are three or more involved but often an individual plays all three roles for him/herself and couples move back and forth between the roles, and at times, even wrestle over a given role. This Karpman Triangle Interactive Session is difficult to describe because it is experiential. However, actually walking out the roles while talking through current struggles can be incredibly impactful and provide opportunities for individuals, and especially couples, to move forward in their own journey and in their relationships.

Because of the levels of intimacy this process can produce, we do not recommend it for couples in the early stages of recovery from pornography, affairs or other sexual betrayals. However, for couples who have established safety but find themselves stuck in patterns of conflict and/or avoidance, a Karpman Session can be very helpful. It can also be helpful for individuals to see and identify more clearly their own internal scripts.

Scheduling a Karpman Session with Darrell requires a two-hour block. We won’t always use it all but need to have the ability without being pressured by the clock. If you would like to schedule a session, email Darrell from the contact page or go ahead and purchase it HERE.