Darrell’s two session seminar “Protecting Eve” is available on DVD for $25 plus shipping.

In session one, “The Stupidity of Sexual Methadone,” Darrell addresses the all too common belief that a wife is at least partially to blame for her husband’s pornography use or that if she “makes herself available to him” that she will somehow help him resist the temptations.

In session two, “Crocodile Tears or Genuine Brokenness,” Darrell compares the responses of David and Saul with husbands who have been caught acting out sexually against their wives. Some men are truly broken and seeking healing, recovery and reconciliation. Unfortunately, however, many men are just wanting the consequences to stop.  They just want to appear sorry enough their wife will stop being angry.

A better picture of true brokenness will help wives to know if they have reason to hope their husbands are on the right path or if they need to prepare for more damage.

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