New Hope Recovery Ministries has the following “Recovery Coaches” on staff to assist you in your journey.  You can schedule in person, phone, Skype or FaceTime appointments by filling out the contact form below.  Be sure to mention who you would prefer respond to your request.

  • Pastor Darrell Brazell meets with individuals and couples wrestling with pornography, affairs, and other sexual issues as well as for Immanuel Prayer sessions. Darrell has been on his own recovery journey from pornography since early 2000 and has walked with many individuals (both husbands and wives) and couples in the early stages of recovery since 2001. He is currently in the CSAT training program to be certified as a PSAP (Pastoral Sex Addiction Professional), which is the same training therapists receive to be “Certified Sexual Addiction Therapists” through the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction established and developed by Dr. Patrick Carnes. As part of his training, Darrell is able to offer several diagnostic assessments which are listed on our Assessment Page. He has also done a considerable amount of THRIVE training and conferences with Dr. Jim Wilder, Dr. Karl Lehman and the Life Model group as well as been in an Immanuel Prayer mentoring group with Dr. Lehman as well as doing individual work. Darrell’s initial recovery started under the Pure Desire materials and he and Debbie attended the first Pure Desire training conference in 2001. He also attended Dr. Larry Crabb’s School of Spiritual Direction in 2003.
  • Debbie Brazell meets with women interested in joining or who are part of the New Hope group for wives of men wrestling with pornography, affairs, and other sexual issues. She occasionally meets with couples along with Darrell when there is a specific need for her presence. Debbie has been on her own journey of recovery since Darrell’s disclosures in 2000 and has been leading a recovery group for wives since 2004 using Pure Desire Ministries’ Betrayal and Beyond. She has also completed year one of Sage Hill Institute’s Training and will start year two in the fall. Sage Hill is a three-part training based on the Spiritual Root System Model developed by Dr. Chip Dodd which uses the Eight Feelings (Anger, Fear, Hurt, Sad, Lonely, Guilt, Shame and Glad) to facilitate vulnerability and to access the shared human experience.
  • Stephanie Bessent is a certified life coach who has been on her own recovery journey since 2012. She will continue with year 2 of her relationship based training at Sage Hill this fall. It is her passion to help women recover their own heart and learn to live fully. Stephanie meets with women for coaching in the areas of recovery from sexual betrayal, codependency and other issues. She will be part of some couple’s meetings along with Darrell. Here is Stephanie’s thumbnail description of her journey: “I initially I entered recovery in 2012 for my husband to get help. What I found was I had my own recovery journey to walk. What I learned was I rejected my own heart years before, living competent and disconnected. Reconnecting to my heart, I would recover from the things that had happened to me and begin to recover the life God intended. It’s a beautifully painful journey, one that I enjoy helping others discover: Living fully in the midst of tragedy and triumph. I am a Certified Life Coach with the unique experience of intensively studying under Dr. Chip Dodd and Sage Hill Institute.”

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