“What Every Wife Needs To Know About Her Husband’s Struggle For Sexual Integrity” is a teaching by Darrell Brazell director of our Recovery Ministries. It is a compilation of some of the most common things he tells wives who have questions about whether or not their husbands have a problem in sexual matters. It is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to understand more about a the dangers of pornography and sexual bondage and a must for any woman who has questions, fears and doubts about her husband’s struggle for purity. It is a single teaching broken into ten tracks.

These are free downloads.  You can listen to each track below, or CLICK HERE to download the complete mp3 file as one track (53 minutes)

NamePlay - Pause - Stop - Progress BarSizeLengthDownload
01-Introduction 3.97 MB 4:20
02-You Are Not Alone 4.17 MB 4:33
03-You Are Not Crazy 2.11 MB 2:18
04-You Are Not To Blame 4.85 MB 5:18
05-Tip Of The Iceberg 3.73 MB 4:04
06-You Are Not Powerless 6.84 MB 7:28
07-You Cannot Fix Him 8.41 MB 9:11
08-Signs Of Pornography Use 8.39 MB 9:10
09-Seek Help For Yourself Regardless What He Does 6.76 MB 7:23
10-What Can I Do 3.39 MB 3:42
Every wife needs to know (all-tracks) 49.22 MB 53:46

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