The New Hope Recovery Group for Wives has been walking beside women on the journey of recovery since 2004. Our primary goal is to help the wives of men who struggle with sexual addiction in their journey to find the healing and wholeness God desires for their lives.

Our focus is two fold: First, to provide access to resources that we have found to be helpful in the recovery process. Second, and what we believe to be of greatest importance, to provide a safe community in which to heal, grow and to share struggles and victories.

We draw on a wide range of resources from authors such as Darrell Brazell, Ted and Diane Roberts, Chip Dodd, John & Staci Eldredge, Doug Weiss, Jim Wilder, Laurie Hall and Melody Beattie. Some of the topics we discuss in our meetings include: understanding sexual addiction, codependency, boundaries, forgiveness, anger and sexual intimacy.

For information about our group or to arrange a time to speak with Debbie Brazell please leave a message for her at 785-331-HOPE (4673) or by sending an email through the contact form below.

This ministry is part of New Hope’s ministry for sexual integrity. For more information go to New Hope For Sexual Integrity (

Initial Process (for recovery groups)

For a description of what an ideal initial couple’s session looks like go to our Ideal Initial Sessions page.

Other audio resources

Darrell also has numerous recovery related sermons available as free audio downloads. Here are a few that have spoken powerfully to many in the battle for recovery and healing:

(click to listen, or right click to ‘Save as’ for downloading)

To contact Pastor Darrell Brazell or his wife, Debbie Brazell for speaking engagements, recovery support, consultation or other matters, please click the link below.

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